Far Eastern
Design Bureau

Catharsis Alenby,the Ecocar

Catharsis Alenby is an innovative Ecocar, developed by specialists of KB4232 .

It is designed to movestudents and guests of the Far Eastern Federal University around Russky island.   

#carsharing #b2c

What is innovative about this car?

  • First of all , it is a unique inertial battery charging system capable of rechargingthe battery both while driving and stationary.(no, it's not about recuperation under braking).We will demonstrate our functioning system at the next exhibition of high technologies.
  • Secondly, it is a specificarrangement of the main units and assemblies. For example, front wheels are not responsible for steering - they do not turn in the wake of the steering wheel, they only compensate for the roll.
  • By the way, why we use aviation terms- aircraft type steering strut is used instead of swingarminrear suspension.
  • Fourth, the shape of our car can achieve maximum aerodynamics(drag coefficient is lower than in most of fastest and most expensive supercars). The silhouette of the ecomobile is as close to " falling water drop" as we could achieve,which, as we know, is the streamline standard on the planet.
  • This, in turn, allows to achieve higher speed characteristics using a low-power electricmotor. Speed limit is set by software to 69 km/h (until other tasks appear). 
  • Cost. The pre-order price is close to the cost and is mere 270 000 rubles!

Where and how to charge?
The car can be charged wherever there is a "socket" (220V network): near your house or cafe, at work or car wash, garage, orparking lot, at specialized gas stations that already exist on Russky island. If the battery runs flat and you need to carry on moving - you can wait until the roof integrated solar panels recharge the batteries.Or switch to "Superman" mode and use a special drive to rotate the generator flywheel.One must agree, this option is easier and cheaper than calling a tow truck, also allows you to use the Ecocar away from settlements.

Traffic authorities registration is not required (a vehicle ,equipped with an electric motor up to 4 kW is not subject to registration, as well as bicycles and mopeds up to 50cc)

The cost of Catharsis 410 000 rubles in basic configuration
The cost on pre-order terms is 270 000 rubles. 

 — Despite the visible miniature size, the car was "built" around two adults  of 183 cm height
 — Development of the car is entirely in-house and funded by KB4232
  —  The project is named after one of the engineer's daughter
 —  Design speed -from body modeling to full scale blank in 10 days.
 —  According to our program, each student of the FEFU campus will be able to get ownEcocar for long term usage. Negotiations are in process.