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Dive HUD Mask

"Smart" diving mask

Another gadget,presented at the forum by KB4232 was "Dive HUD Mask" - the world's first mask for diving with Augmented Reality-important information is displayed directly on the mask'stransparent glass.

"There is an existing mask witha microcomputer. Itsmain drawback is that the image is displayed on a bulky display placed in the submask space. It's like,if instead of one of the lenses you inserted phone'sscreen facing inside. Nothing will be seen behind it" - said the developer Eugene Flex.

According to him, the relevance of the development is due to its user-friendliness.

"Nowadays, to assess air supply, diver needs to constantly check with the pressure gauge, which, at times, can be inconvenient, for example, because of poor visibility. An inexperienced diver can easily miss the moment when there is not enough air for a safe speed of ascent. HUD Mask makes such a situation impossible, allowing you to control all the necessary information, " the designer said.
 According to him, divers are reluctant to use devices with a screen in a mask, so the authors of the project went further - they brought information directly to the lens. "We were able to bring it in HD-quality to the area of 10.2 mm directly in front of diver'seye. This does not reduce the overall field of view," the source said.

Excerpt from the TASS report: http://tass.ru/obschestvo/4673124

The device is a mask for scuba diving with panoramic lensesand soft adjustable silicone seal, a microcomputer with an electron-optical output system is integrated into the undermask space. All embedded hardware and software complex is controlled by clock buttons (under water), as well as using Open source application for mobile devices.

Dive instructors, rescue divers, amateur divers.

The infographic projected into the mask is divided into several modes of operation and, depending on the selected dive mode, the following information is available for user: 1.current depth, elapseddive time, cylinder pressure, remaining dive time.
The optical system provides a clear image that can be seenregardless of environmental conditions by the vast majority of people, regardless of their visual acuity.
Adjustable image brightness
Programmable chronograph
Since the transmitter module and microcomputer are independent, the mask can also be used as a standalone integrated submersible computer (without scuba).
The data sampling frequency of the sensors is only 1 second, which provides for the most accurate display of the current depth and time.
Audible and visual alarms with user choice confirmation

Configurable beeps include elapsed dive time, countdown timer and alarm for the set maximum depth.

Based on the parameters of the current depth, respiration rate, cylinder pressure , the computer calculates the ascent time and decompression state according to the given algorithm

How the invention solves the target audience problems
In order to controlthe air supply, you need to constantly check with the pressure gauge, which is inconvenient, because there may be poor visibility or the pressure gauge is too deep hidden in the vest pocket . In addition to the inconvenience, it is dangerous for inexperienced divers. It is easy to miss the moment when there is not enough air for safe speed of ascent and you have to pop up urgently. Excessive speed of ascent is fraught with lungs barotraumas and decompression sickness. Dive HUD Mask prevents these situations by displaying information about the remaining air almost "under the nose" of the diver.

In addition to the basic functionality, our mask has a number of additional innovative solutions:

  • Built-in 4K video camera with 170 degree viewing angle
  • Powerful 10W IR emitter commonly used in professional deep-sea equipment
  • Built-in LED-floodlights with a total capacity of 14W, replacing hand lights
  • External indication if the diver is unwell
  • SOS mode , after surfacing, in case of emergency, transmits the exact coordinates to the set number.

Mask with integrated microcomputer, transmitter, charger, USB-cablewith magnetic holder, instruction manual, branded case.

$990 per unit

Offersfor potential investors and distributors - by request!

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