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StealthOptic, the helmet-mounted reflection system

StealthOptic  is a portable rear view system attached to helmet'svizor.

The system is intended for use in motor sports, where conventional rear-view mirrors on the fairings are prohibited by the rules of the competition (motorcycle racing, karting).

StealthOptic is mounted at the visor's uppermost border (eyebrow level ). The device is designed not to obscure pilot's visual field. Just focus on the viewfinder is enough to assess the road situation behind.

StealthOptic reports the reflection of two active projections at the same time – rear and side views. The side view projection has the advantage. With a certain skill that comes with experience of use,one can distinguish objects of observation, by peripheral vision only .

Visible images are not distorted, that allows for objective assessment of the road situation. The location of high-quality reflectors virtually eliminates aberration and provides high image detail. All that is required from the pilot is to place the device properly on the visor.

Dynamic tests were carried out both on closed circuits and on public roads in Vladivostok. The device successfully withstood airresistance test at speeds up to 299 km/h .It also remained intact following drop test onto hard surface from height of 1.5 m.

For testing we used japanese full face helmets- Arai and Shoei, korean HJC andchinese equivalent of AGV. The device has even been assessed byan ophthalmologist, got approved ,and ,surprisingly, recommended as a training device for eye gymnastics.

How the invention solves the target audience problems
StealthOptics improves safety of motorcycle riding on public roads and serves as an addition(or replacement) to rear view mirrors.


Current stage of the invention
Serial production