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Experimental air engine for EVA flying car

New generation aircraft engine for manned and unmanned vehicles,implementing based on Coando-Bernoulli effect (patent pending).

The main advantage: the Specific thrust with identical energy consumption is higher, than in any currently known types of propellerunits.

Disadvantages: high drag (head resistance) and "windage" does not allow to talk about total replacement of propeller units, meanwhile, this is the best solution instead of impeller systems.

Current purpose: hybrid flying cars such as FURIA N1, air taxis, cargo drones.

Patent application description
Principle of operation: start-up is carried out by pumping air flow through the compressor wheel (Fig.1).

Due to Coando effect, converted from turbulent to laminar flow, accelerating air flow is directed through rectifiers VP (Fig.2) and external aerodynamic elements (Fig.3).

Passing through confusor, occurring infusion sweeps border air masses along,that, coupled with increasing pressure difference, leads to self-excitation of jet thrust (without direct injection and additional energy costs).

Comparative data, diagrams and test videos will be available after the patent approval.