Far Eastern
Design Bureau

Portable vertical takeoff aircraft "Icarus''

ICARUS is a portable ultralight aircraft mounted on pilot's back with a thrust that allows for vertical take-off and landing and transition to horizontal flight mode.

We aim to provide maximum flight duration of up to 25 minutes at cruising speed, to develop automatic rescue system, FADEC engine control , automatic stabilization in VTOL modes.

Desired specs:

2хTRDDF-1100N (2 stage turbojet with afterburner), thrust vector control, proposed thrust within 1100N.
1 engine has been made and passed preliminary tests.

Composite reverse sweptflying wing with mechanized rudders and flaps. Reversed swept wing providesfor better control at low flight speeds, greater maneuverability and increased aerodynamic efficiency in all areas of flight modes. The inner compartment is divided by ribs into 6 main sections for fuel tanks and equipment.

Combined, electronic with mechanical duplication (including duplication of rudders to pilot's helmet), multi-function joystick (combined ORE+RUS)

Take off
Vertical, unassisted, from any open area 2m in diameter

Thrust vector and wing mechanization algorithm — to 10 m, for heights more than 50 m — quick deploy parachute system
 Auxiliary electronic stabilization system

Fuel system
Li-fe battery + ionistors


 — Helmet with integrated telemetry duplication and navigation system ZSH "Pilot" (Pilot is one of a kind helmet of integral type with auxiliary climate control, designed by KB4232)

 — Fireproof, shockproof suit " Cyborg T2 "(based on already made " Cyborg T1 ", designed by KB4232)

Additional light exoskeleton for lumbar spine load reduction with cushioning elements is planned.

This project is under development.

 — 2 flying wing prototypes and 2 TRD jets have been destroyed /damaged by fire  during testing
 — From the first drawings to the present day, the project is being recorded by camera of famous Russian photo documentalist (ref. Evgeny Kokurin)

Prestige of the country.

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