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Turbojet engine TRD-400N

Turbojet engine TRD-400N

The first under 1000Nof thrust turbojet (microjet), which has been designed and manufactured in Russia.

This is full cycle project-RnD, casting, flaw detection, milling of " hot " and "cold" sections, balancing, alignment, programming , control interface development , assembly of start-up and measurement stands and bench tests.

Designed for small aircraft: drones, aircraft modeling, jetpacks and wings.
 - Integrated digital engine control and management system FADEC
 - Fully automatic liquid fuel start
 - Brushless starter-generator
 - Graphical control unit interface
 - Built-in electronic fuel valves
Connectivity to Windows 7-10 PC

Estimated market prices of the complex is much lower (up to 30%) compared to rivals made by Jetcat, Kingtech Turbines, etc.  
Currently, the jets are being bench-tested. At the same time RnDteam is working on use of aramid and carbon composites in the nozzle unit. This will further improve thrust-to-weight ratio and reduce cost of "hot section” labor-intensive steel parts .

We need investments to enter national and international markets. We invite both venture funds and private investors to participate.

The main specs will be published on completion of all tests.

*TRD-400N and its experimental modifications are shown on pictures

 - Time taken from project specification to first commissioning is 12 months.
 - Arguably the world's first two-circuit turboprop gearless hybrid power plant, based on the TRD-400N, has been assembled and tested (no information on such solution exists in open sources ).Based on test results,conclusion by us and colleagues from Progress PJSC has been made, that this scheme is a highly promising direction of jet design for large aircraft in the next decade.
 - Reliability of the jets will be proven by TRK 800 (see projects)