Far Eastern
Design Bureau

FURIA N1, the Flying car


Furia N1 is a full-fledged, equipped with robotic controlelectric car for public roads, capable ofvertical take-off and landing, movement in all planes and hovering on the spot.

The main primary difference is a fundamentally new scheme of movement in the air : without propellers, impellers, sliding wings, jet thrust and other attributes of bygone era.


The car's conceptually new body for 2 adults has been designed ,featuring mechanized aerodynamic elements. It's dimensions correspond to modern sedan size -length 5m, width 2m, height 1.6 m,total weight of 180 kg . The model went through air flow simulation.

We made a master model in 1:6 scale for test measurements, molded body parts,attached main and auxiliary elements on the model'scarbon fiber frame . The first proper real lifetake-off of the model was carried on February 10, 2017. [archive video]

As a power plant for the flight mode, a compressor engine is used. Its has been developedby KB4232 specifically for flying cars of the first generation — the engine based on improved Coanda-Bernoulli effect (patent pending).

As a power plant for ground movement hub type motor-wheels are used.

Estimated time spent in the air without refueling: up to 35min depending on operating conditions.

Demonstration of the capabilities of Russian engineering school, RnD of redirecting ground traffic into the air.