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of the annual turnover in the world diving market belongs to Aqua Lung International

In 1943, oceanologist Jacques-Yves Cousteau and engineer Emil Gagnan assembled the first operating apparatus with an open breathing system and called it "scuba".
Prior to that, all the structural parts have already been developed, but Cousteau and Gagnan were the first to assemble them together .They made the device accessible to all.
The invention soon pushed all existing analogues out of the market.

The pioneers who invested in the project got everything.

Bureau's resources


The place where we develop the flying car prototype,design and make products to order, including serially. This is our precision manufacturing and industrial design center.


The place where we put forward bold hypotheses and fight for results, conduct full cycle RnD. Here we build test stands, experiment with new materials and technologies.

Work (office)

Here we breathe life into new devices, develop software, compile technical documentation, share our experience in seminars.

Home (IT co-working space)

As in any typical home, it offers more informal atmosphere and ease of communication with everyone; you can come here with your idea and stay.


Active method 3D optical scanner, hybrid 3D printer FDM+SLM ( layer-by-layer fusing methods and selective laser sintering), laser engraver, laser cutter, mini-foundry, portal CNC milling machine, thermal vacuum semi-automatic machine, vacuum chambers, high-precision measuring instruments, automatic CNC laser welding station.  

We designed and built most of our "smart" production equipment in-house.

"We don't talk about the future, we create the future!  

Our mission, as a center of innovative developments and precision manufacturing, is to enable Russian specialists to make high tech discoveries and help them take it to the world!"




Life of the Bureau

What we do every day, in addition to innovation


All types of vehicles: from underwater robotic tractors to aircraft (SLA).
 We design and airflow test aircraft, aerodynamic body kits, body parts. We produce replicas of legendary supercars, bodykits and optics by industrial methods. We convert transport from external combustion to electric.


Manipulators for production automation with up to 6 degrees of freedom, Turbojet engines with thrust of up to 1100 H, gas Turbine units (GTU), including portable SU-generators of high output.
 We offer autoclave for making particularly strong and light carbon fiber parts.


Design is an integral part of any project for us , so over a few years ,we have acquired some of the best 3D-modelers.
 We model any three-dimensional objects or scan real ones and produce them in any edition. We organize mass production of products from thermoplastics, composites and polymers.

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